Brian Howell
Shopping Carts

Cover for Canadian photographer Brian Howell's new gallery exhibit about the shopping cart culture of Vancouver.

Magellan Aerospace Website

The new design for the Magellan Aerospace corporation, made to integrate with their new identity and a focus on precision, integration and people.

Canadian Underwriter Magazine

Quick cover for Canadian Underwriter magazine. The focus of the issue was on the rules of online banking versus those of brick and mortar stores.

Unilock Stories

Ad campaign for Unilock paving feature stories from architects who used their products.

Alan Hindle Photographer

Promo for photographer Alan Hindle. By taking his photographs and applying obscure captions to them a new story was created.

CF ARC Awards 2006

Cadillac Fairview's annual award event geared towards new retailers. For this year the venue was to be hosted during the evening in the gardens of Carrefour Lavel.

Pylon Christmas
Mailer 2009

The recession has left people in the cold once again this year so we wanted to send out our warmest wishes to our clients.

Commerce Court Logo

A new identity for the Commerce Court buildings built by the famed architect I.M Pei

First Canadian Place Construction Signage

One of the largest towers in downtown Toronto is currently underway with a massive make-over both inside and out. A major portion of the make-over is to the lower level market place which services thousands of tenants daily.

Toronto Eaton Centre Tenant Manual

Custom made binders were created to house important information for tenants as well as the rules and regulations of the building.

18 York Leasing Suite

A custom built leasing suite made to serve as a model to potential tenants at the new 18 York building which is currently under construction.


An experimental office pass-time featuring an often under used piece of technology the fax machine.

Southcore Financial Centre

As 18 York completes the new SFC brand is launch along with the arrival of two new buildings and a big party.


One of Canada's largest investors, owners and managers of commercial real estate. The updated website was modeled after their very successful property leasing site.

Bay Adelaide Centre Construction Signage

Large scale exterior signage for the very infamous Bay Adelaide Centre. A building that had been underway in Toronto for the better part of two decades.

Silver Circle:
Celebrating 25 Years

Celebrating 25 years of service to the community Silver Cirlce set out to create a summary of all their achievements.

Commerce Court: Website

Built to further set the tone of the new Commerce Court brand this new site was made to serve the thousands of Tenants who reside within the complex.

First Canadian Place: Display Booth

A large display installation built to give tenants an up-close look at the on-going renovations. The booth also features a custom built content managed video system to highlight current events and news relating to First Canadian Place.

Commerce Court: Presentation Folder

Designed to house various presentation materials for prospective tenants, this custom made folder was built to reflect the quality of the newly re-vamped Commerce Court brand.

Ornaments with a Cause

A new startup that focuses on selling handmade christmas ornaments with a large portion of the proceeds going directly to various charities.

Commerce Court
Touch Screen

A fully interactive touchscreen built for the leasing agents. This touchscreen allows the user to find any piece of information about the building with the touch a finger, creating a presentation that is very dynamic in nature.

A website promoting the big changes and renovations to the Markville Shopping Centre, aimed at prospective tenants.

Wedding Invitation

My very own personal wedding invitation, to save envelopes I created a self mailing poster and postcard.

Pylon Direct Mailer

Every piece of communication is valuable no matter how ephemeral it might be. A simple bubble wrapped postcard was created and sent to potential clients to get the message across.

First Canadian Place: Redefing First

A small microsite built to let local media and tenants know about the renovation progress to the building exterior and interior.

Flex Communications Logo

A now defunct company, Flex specialized in consulting and providing strategic communication pieces tailored to the clients needs.

First Canadian Place Presentation Folder

The ever present triangle motif was applied heavily to this communication piece. This subtle gesture was to hint at the new glass paneling on the exterior of the building.

ARC Awards 2007

For this years ARC awards the designs centered around wine. Each finalist in the competition was given the persona of a particular wine bottle. The gala awards even was held in Toronto's historic distillery district.

18 York Signage

Situated at one of the busiest intersections in Toronto this large scale signage was all about making a big impact. The large scale of the letters "18 York” dwarfed the competitions signage immediately demanding attention.

McEwan.Strategic Website

A professional consultant geared at providing a range of strategic services.